27 May 2020

The “crus” of Soave Classico

The “Red Horizon” in our vineyards on Mount Foscarino; photo by Giò Martorana. The different colors show different degrees of ferrous oxidation of the igneous basalts that are typical of this hill. THE “CRUS” OF SOAVE CLASSICO: A BRIEF HISTORY...

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28 June 2018

Italian Carmenere

Carmenere is a variety that is often considered unique to Chile. However, few people know that Carmenere has been widely planted in Italy for a long time, and that in 2009 the DOC Carmenere Colli Berici (in the province of...

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12 January 2018

Nature and Wine

Nature expresses itself spontaneously in the biodiversity of the forest as well as the jungle: these are complex systems in which a great variety of plants and insects are competing, and sometimes collaborating, for life. The taste of the fruit...

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1 December 2017

The Improvement

Just as a poem goes far beyond the elements of syntax and grammar, the sensations that a wine can arouse cannot simply be transmitted through the use of notions and data. In fact, it is highly reductive to describe a...

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3 May 2017

A few comments on “organic”

The management of organic vine-growing has recently become one of the most frequent and most discussed topics. ‘Organic’ wine still does not exist by law but the word ‘organic’, which then soon leads to ‘biodynamic’, is all that producers, wine...

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The native land and the Soave Classico

What is volcanic soil? It is simply the native land, the primordial land that derives directly from the hot and glowing mantle underneath the Earth’s crust. Over time, volcanic soil modifies, giving origin to other soils. Therefore, volcanic earth could...

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