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The Territory

Soave Classico is the hilly area where vineyards were planted during Roman times. It is uniquely suited for developing white wine with its volcanic soil: pure basaltic lava, the only area with these particular characteristics in Northern Italy.
The area was originally planted with the ancient Graecanicum (meaning from Greece) variety. This name was then transformed into Garganega in the local dialect.
During the ‘60s Giuseppe Inama, the estate’s founder, began to purchase small plots of vineyards in the heart of the Soave Classico.
Although Soave was the most famous italian white wine worldwide, few producers really understood the importance of owning the best plots to secure a future of top-notch quality wines.
The intuition of the founder was to foresee the potential of the Classico area to produce wines unrepeatable elsewhere.
Mineral and floral wines, elegant and balanced to fully match the concept of a wine that goes beyond the market trends.
Nowaday this property sits on 30 hectares.

The Soil

The Soave Classico is a volcanic area whose soil is characterized by the presence of mafic and ultramafic rocks. It dates back to 30 million years ago (Upper Paleocene – Lower Oligocene).
The Monte Foscarino, as well as the area surrounding it, presents a wide variety of soils: they go from basaltic lava to volcanic tuffs and the so-called “orizzonti rossi” (red clays originated by volcanic rocks alterations).

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